Urgency: A Key Component in the World of Talent

According to Vocabulary.com, urgent is defined as something that requires immediate attention or
action. If you break your leg, you’ll need urgent attention at the hospital — that means the doctors
will tend to you without delay.

Urgent comes from the Latin word urgentem, meaning “to press hard, urge.” You can see
that urgent contains the word urge, meaning “to demand or insist.” When you get an urgent message,
you need to drop what you’re doing to deal with it. An urgent need, like hunger, is a pressing one. If
you’re a music fan, you might know the song “Urgent” by the band Foreigner. The song’s lyrics “make
it fast, make it urgent” and its frenetic style help define the word.

In the world of talent, a sense of urgency is paramount to the successful placement of the best
candidate. It requires a sense of urgency on all fronts including the search professional, the
client company and the hiring team. Due to our Westport Intl team’s process and never-ending
sense of urgency for our clients, 90% of all placed candidates have been identified by our team
within the first 30 days of the search.

Clients believe in our work due in part to that sense of urgency which has resulted in 80% of our key
clients being reoccurring clients. If you have an urgent talent need within your business, please do
not hesitate to reach out.