The Search for Your Best Talent Or Next Position Must Evolve With The Times

After 20+ years in Aerospace Engineering and Program leadership with Boeing, LMI Aerospace and others I have transitioned to the Executive Search Profession. All of my career I have relied on my network and referrals for new challenging opportunities. While that is a reliable source for assistance in Ones career growth, in order to really explore potentials and get exposure to the best and significantly larger numbers of opportunities, it is wise and necessary to leverage your relationship with career search professionals. My initial exposure to the Executive Search Field has opened my eyes to the quality and number of opportunities out there that don’t get advertised in the paper and don’t show up on Monster, The Ladders or many of a number of other employment sites. While there are good opportunities in those venues, the plums tend to be handled internally through search firms and through the network the firms have developed over the years

If you would like to improve your opportunities for the future and gain access to the best talent out there, develop your close network of search professionals. Find the reputable ones with integrity and industry presence. Work with them to gain mutual respect and trust. Leverage that relationship to help you with your staffing needs, your next opportunity, or your ability to help a friend or associate with their career advancement. Finally, healthy companies succeed not only by promoting successful employees from within, but by searching for employees with key experience and tools from other great companies in their industry. Finding exceptional diversified talent from industry helps companies to benefit from competitors’ experiences, progress and training. After all… good business is about working together and helping each other for the benefit of All. Dan is the Managing Director for the Engineering practice area focusing on Aerospace and Defense, Give him a call if you have critical needs that require professional assistance.

Managing Director, Aerospace and Defesnse- Dan O’Connor 

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