One of the Most Important Questions to Ask When Evaluating New Recruiting Firms

Are you evaluating new recruiting firms for 2017? There are many important questions you may be including in your interviews: What is your fee structure? What has been your experience filling like roles? What is your experience in the industry? These are all great questions, but they should not be your first question. The very first question that you should ask is what companies are on your hands-off list?

Many clients try to lock up their talent partners with increasingly long non-solicitation agreements. Unfortunately, many of the largest recruiting firms face ever-increasing restrictions on companies where they can source talent. If too many target environments are off limits, then the Recruiter is essentially trying to execute with “one hand tied behind their back”. When we talk to new clients, almost universally we get asked how much experience we have had placing candidates in similar roles or in their industry. We are rarely asked how many companies in a client’s desired market are off limits for our firm.

Research Director, Westport Intl. and PinPoint Solutions- Sara Krosmer

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