Elevate Your Companies Capabilities with EVP

We have been leaders in the executive search and management field for over 12 years. Over the years, our company has added two successful companies including PinPoint Solutions, a specialized and midmanagement recruiting firm, and Scarlett Surveys, a survey company focused on employee experience. We are excited to present our latest addition, Westport Intl. Consulting. Westport Intl. Consulting will provide services on Employee Value Proposition, which will assist organizations with the analysis and plan design of integrated workforce strategies that drive organizational performance. In today’s world with increasing speed of business, changing generational dynamics and increasing emphasis on culture, EVP is now becoming more clearly connected to an organization’s health and success.
Westport Intl. Consulting: Employee Value Proposition

Employee Value Proposition will allow companies to attract high performing employees due to its interconnected components such as talent acquisition, onboarding, training and development, total rewards, and performance management. We want to help our clients analyze, design, and create an integrated EVP and Employment Brand to sustain high performance

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