Coming Soon: Westport Intl Consulting

The recent addition of Scarlett Surveys to our retained search and contingent recruiting businesses was an important building block for our next service offering – Westport Intl Consulting.

Our Westport Intl consulting group will provide services focused on the Employee Value Proposition (EVP). Our consulting services will assist organizations with the analysis and plan design of integrated workforce strategies that drive organizational performance. While the concept of EVP may not be new to some, it’s also not readily understood or consistently defined. Our definition of EVP takes an integrated approach to workforce practices that impact employee attraction, engagement and retention. In today’s world with increasing speed of business, changing generational dynamics and increasing emphasis on culture, EVP is now becoming more clearly connected to organization health and success.

Talent Acquisition Strategy: This is an area that has well defined traditional tracking and ROI tools and metrics. Often the most critical, and overlooked, element that needs to be designed into a TA strategy is flexibility. Markets can change quickly, tools are under constant revision. The future holds even more uncertainty with the introduction of learning algorithms, next generation CRMs, job board diminishing returns, and impact of social/professional media. Speed, flexibility and embracing new technologies will become even more critical for talent acquisition strategies to be effective.

Total Rewards and Employee Development ROI: To analyze the costs of just compensation and benefits without adding in employee development costs not only under reports the organizational spend, but also can inhibit aligning costs with the goals and desires of a large portion of today’s workforce. Data has shown that employees care about more than just their compensation and benefits. They care about development and opportunities. It’s critical to recognize that they are key components to the overall employee experience that directly impact engagement.

Employment Engagement: Scarlett Surveys has a rich 50 plus year history in providing valid instrument and true engagement results to the marketplace. Having delivered over 15 million surveys, gives our organization not just the history for benchmarking, but the expertise around providing a meaningful tool and something more than a collection of opinions.

Employment Brand: Simply put, your employment brand is what potential and current employees think about when deciding to work for your organization – your reputation as an employer. It’s the thoughts, feelings and data points that people evaluate when they hear your company’s name. Every company has an employment brand regardless of whether it is managed, understood or even acknowledged that it exists. There are three components that feed into creating your brand – engagement of current employees (what do your people say about working there), marketing spend/ROI for attracting talent and attitudes/perceptions of those who have been through process. Having a strong, positive employment brand is a critical component for attracting high performing employees.