Aerospace Overview

To better serve our clients’ specific needs, we have developed three separate organizations: PinPoint Solutions, Westport Intl, and Scarlett Surveys. Through these three companies we define the right framework and search time to deliver optimum results while managing client costs. Because we offer a solution based approach versus the typical transactional approach, we build more accountability into the relationships with our clients.


PinPoint Solutions is a premier contingency search firm with over 100 years of combined recruiting expertise on staff. Our combination of experience in third party recruiting firms and in directing internal staffing functions for Fortune 500 organizations gives us a unique perspective and customer orientation not typically found in our industry. We understand the complexity involved in filling a particular opening. Organizational upgrading, diversity, and international expertise are only a few of the issues that may need to be addressed in finding the right candidate. Our Executive Recruiters function as external business partners for the organizations we represent and take a search approach to Contingency.


Our contingency group takes a search approach to every job they work. Our recruiters directly source candidates utilizing our corporate database, job boards, online research tools and cold calling. Identified candidates will be screened and presented to the client based upon the position profile. A critical piece to any contingency assignment is feedback. Direct recruiting is very time consuming, and proper feedback is essential to finding the right skill set. The more engaged our client is the better our results will be. Since our recruiters typically work several contingency assignments at a time, those clients with quick and detailed feedback loops rise to the top of the priority list.

Contingency search has no upfront costs and we are only paid when a candidate is hired. Our typical fee is 25% of first year base salary. We offer a 90-day guarantee: If for any reason the hired candidate does not work out, we will fill the position again for free. This solution is typical for individual contributor and manager level roles. A contingency search has one recruiter assigned to it. The recruiter has access to all of our advanced recruiting tools and our research database. They will be your single point of contact through the entire process. The recruiter assigned to your position will have expertise in the practice area that corresponds with your search.

Practice Areas

Function: At PinPoint Solutions, our Recruiters are very much generalists in the field. We pride ourselves on our ability to service each client on a multitude of different openings. Through the years, we have become functional experts and have established strong candidate networks in the following areas experiencing high demand.

Industry: Our organizational expertise has traditionally been in Manufacturing. Most of our resources and networks are geared in this area. However, we do have an in-house research department that can provide additional support and candidate generation on anything outside this industry. See industry chart


Westport Intl. is an innovative executive search and management firm, dedicated to building enduring client relationships to strategically recruit elite leadership throughout Europe, Asia, China, and the United States. An industry pioneer, Westport develops systemic best practices through leading technologies to cultivate cultural diversity, organizational upgrading, and functional excellence on clients’ behalf in an ever-evolving global market.

Executive Retained Search Package

  • One point of contact for our clients
  •  Two senior search consultants assigned to every search
  •  Search consultants are limited to a maximum of 3 active searches ongoing
  •  Dedicated research resources
  •  Full assessment of job opportunity with client
  •  Full candidate behavioral interview profiles, in person or by video conference
  •  Position Profile, Search Strategy, bi-weekly Status Update Reports, written Candidate Interview Profiles, and Candidate Reference Reports.

Fees & Payment Terms

Westport Intl charges 30% of the candidate’s first year total compensation which includes base salary and estimated first year bonus in 3 separate retainers based on performance milestones. We charge one third of the estimated total at inception. The second third is billed when the candidate slate has started interviews. The final payment is billed after the candidate starts with the company. The only other charges are travel expenses for in-person or video assessments of recruited candidates. Westport Intl does not charge any administrative or research charges. If multiple candidates are hired during the initial search, each candidate hired would be billed at 25% of the candidate’s first year base compensation.

Recent Retained Searches: Aerospace Industry

  •  VP of Finance
  •  Director of Quality Assurance
  •  HR Director
  •  Site Leader
  •  Executive Director of Global Quality
  •  General Manager  VP of Customer Support
  •  General Manager
  •  VP/General Manager
  •  VP of HR
  •  Corporate Controller
  • Senior Quality Director


Scarlett Surveys is known for high-value employee engagement survey products, producing real information and metrics that enable you to improve your business and provide a high return on survey investment. The core of Scarlett’s engagement survey is The AER Index™ – Associated Engagement Index. Composed of 15 engagement drivers, Scarlett effectively assesses employee attitudes toward these drivers allowing for easy development and implementation of improvement actions that increase engagement, build effective leadership, and increase employee economic contribution.

  • 53 years in business
  • 15 million employee engagement surveys completed
  • Success grounded in research – AER™ (Associate Engagement Research) is a true psychometric engagement metric and not a collection of employees’ complaints
  • Industry benchmarks meticulously developed and maintained to ensure meaningful comparisons to today’s global workforce
  • Ability to benchmark results with past industry/functional areas to determine what the results really mean and drive true performance improvement
  • Ability to map and predict engagement metrics with outside trends from other companies and industries
  • Global survey capability
  • Experienced in multiple industries including manufacturing, transportation, healthcare and Medicare contracting
  • Customizable questionnaire and process

Scarlett goes beyond being a mere engagement survey. With customizable services, we provide high-value measurements focused on the employee experience. Scarlett helps organizations integrate survey measures with financial measures to predict and drive business outcomes and organizational performance. .