2017: Expansion of the Core 

Our core founding principle was that we would be execution driven and client focused in all that we do. And since our inception, we have never wavered from that principle. That means that we create value for our clients by executing efficiently and effectively and by offering customized solutions that are specific to their needs. In order to best serve our clients, we focus on internal continuous improvement, always looking for ways to make our core business services state of the art. Over time, our clients have asked us to provide many different types of services for them. For example, assisting them with building out their own internal talent function or augmenting their existing talent team by providing them with dedicated recruiters for extended periods of time. Over time, we have also learned that contract, temporary or RPO model services are different, they are not aligned with our core services and strengths and therefore services we would not offer.

We have begun to build out new technology and services that do align with both our core business services and our founding principle of being execution driven and client focused. While search is, and will always be, the very heart of who we are, we are proudly moving in the direction of becoming a talent services organization. With that, we are excited to share the following…

Technology Investment

• In June 2016, we made a small investment in the startup ATS/CRM company Renhead. With changing dynamics on how search is executed and the need for increased speed for clients, technology is critical. Renhead is built on agile software and is highly customizable. In essence, technology that adapts to people rather than people adapting to technology. The net result is a dramatic increase in speed and efficiency.

New Services

• In November 2016, we acquired Scarlett Surveys, one of the most established global employee engagement survey providers.

In Development

• We are developing an onboarding tool that is designed around helping new employees understand and adapt to an organization’s culture. This will be a simple assessment tool that will allow a client to create a profile of their existing culture/communication style. New employees can then take the assessment to see how their style and cultural drivers align with their new organization.

President and Owner, Westport Int. and PinPoint Solutions- Dennis Dunleavy


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